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Project text:

Now and Then

The brief for this project was for a hand-picked group of young people from The George Eliot School to research their local environment and make direct comparisons of Nuneaton how it was with Nuneaton as it is today.

Armed with digital cameras and digital recording devices, the group photographed well known local landmarks in and around the Coton/Wembrook/Attleborough areas and, through links established with the local library and Warwickshire County Council's ‘Windows on Warwickshire,' compared the view today with the same view their ancestors would have enjoyed decades earlier.

In addition, they met with and made audio recordings of the memories of those adults who could remember some of those images first-hand.
This exhibition is the result of their work. We hope that you enjoy this walk down memory lane and that this experience ignites your interest in Nuneaton's changed landscape.

Beyond the School

Nuneaton is a town with a much changed landscape. Our local area and the images of these landscapes hold a wealth of stories about our communities; stories of change. They illustrate the partnership between human beings, their civilization and the natural world.

The local environment is full of the imprints of how human kind has developed to meet its own needs and express its own values. Often these hold memories of profound stories of human achievement and sometimes of human suffering. We can all benefit from a greater understanding of these stories and impressions and we should strive to pass on this understanding to our younger citizens.

The Beyond the School Project offers a simple yet exciting way in which to capture, share and celebrate this rich vein of local heritage.













The project contains these units:

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Local residents' memories of the old Albion buildings.
The Bull Inn in the past and in the present day.
Liz Chater The Fox has been there for years and has always been popular with the locals.
Coton Arches is a major local landmark in Nuneaton.
Changes in Attleborough Road.
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