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The Barging Through Time project gave young people the opportunity to discover their local canals whilst learning for themselves about the changing history of the Warwickshire Canal system.

Groups of young people from Round Oak School in Leamington Spa and Forest Oak school in Solihull took part in school sessions whereby they learnt about local canals, researched old materials and then planned their own trips out on WAYC's very own fully equipped narrow boat Dream Catcher, where they discovered for themselves what it is like to live on the canals.


During this time, these school groups identified old photos of their local canals and spent time working out the spot where they were originally taken so they could re-take them.


A group of young volunteers met together to identify other old pictures of Warwickshire canals and also went out to re-take them to add to the compilation of photographic evidence of canal history. These volunteers spent time researching these images and compiling data about the history of the relevant canals. The resulting information of these volunteers hard work is on display here and also features on a tourist brochure that they put together so that canal users and visitors themselves can appreciate the unique changing history of Warwickshire canals from the early 18th century to 2010.

This project was made possible by the support of Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs (WAYC) and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Please visit WAYC's website for more information, to download the brochure and see images taken from the project;


We would like to thank the following for allowing us use of the images used in our project:

'A Canal People', Sonia Rolt, The History Press

Knowle Heritage Society.

Warwickshire County Records Office 

Rugby Library


The project contains these units:

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Hawkesbury Junction is a meeting between the Coventry Canal and the Oxford Canal.
Barges on the Canal - Kixley Lane Bridge, Solihull 1910
Pump House at Knowle Locks 1927
Knowle Locks looking up the Flight 1927
Knowle Locks Bottom Cottage & Bridge
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